- thus therapy through the medium decency - based on, that there exist negative (indecent) feeling like jealousy, hate, derogation, spite, regret, fear or suffering for the others. If people let some of these feelings in, they are liable for it. Looking for reasons of health problems is going only through the acceptance these destructive feelings by soul of man. Already Socrates had declared that "Human body is only outer shell of soul - if soul is healthy, body is healthy too; if soul is ill, body is ill too". Thus all diagnosis´s arising out of violation of soul.

Despite of coherences mentioned above, an Ethicotherapier looks for sources congenital diseases, where resources of the illness are at pre natal period. The congenital diseases are consequences of e. g.: dismay of mother during pregnancy, damaged partners relationships or generations´ relationships. These rules are linked with all dysfunctions, poor concentration but also with allergies, eczemas etc.

An Ethicotherapier looks for reasons, which are relatives with damage soul and these reasons discus with client and leads client to new approach, which untraced stress. Denomination by client is the way how client can realize its mistake and can continue at next steps its own inner analyze. At the end of analyze client found symbioses of racio and psyche (understanding and soul). Conscious collaboration of these two institutions leads to full scope, healthy a of course happy life.

It was just shortly indication of work of an ethicotherapier.

Jan Cindler
  • Jan Cindler

  • A graduate University of Ostrava;

  • Since 1991 he has practiced psychotherapy;

  • Certified by Wiesbaden Academy of Psychotherapy;




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